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a short story about let's ryde
Enjoy your ride, wherever you go and have a lifelong love affair with the motorcycle your dreams.

Lets Ryde is a Delhi-based motorcycle rental company that allows you to explore the diverse beauty and cultures of India in a whole new style.

From a motorcycle seat, you can experience the traditional customs of our ancient land in a personal way. You can take a desert safariride through the rugged terrain of Rajasthan and meet the people who live in the legendary Blue City of Bishnoi, Jodhpur.

Riding a motorcycle is a joyful experience that refreshes the soul and reconnects us with the rich heritage and natural splendour of India. Feeling the wind against your skin and being able to smell the fresh earth will help you to leave the stresses of busy modern life behind you. It’s a kind of moving meditation.

Take a ride with us and connect to the stillness and serenity of Key Gompa, the Tibetan Buddhist monastery that sits high above sea level in the Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh. Contrast this stark beauty with a ride to Khajjar, which is nestled in the lush green foothills of the Himalayas.

All of these soul-restoring experiences are possible with Lets Ryde. We rent out premium motorcycles, allowing you to experience this beautiful country as you wish. Book your motorcycle with Lets Ryde today and go where your dreams take you.


At Lets Ryde, we want people to reclaim the rich traditions and natural wonders of India through riding motorcycles.

We take our social responsibilities seriously and aim to contribute to decreasing the environmental pollution and congestion that cars create.

Customer satisfaction is a key component of our business. By using our services, our customers will be rejuvenated and refreshed.


With our premium motorcycle rentals, our customers will travel through the beautiful land of India and be reminded of its cultural and natural treasures by experiencing them for themselves.

Our mission is to help people take some time out of their stressful lives and remind them of the importance of protecting our culture and land.